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Our appreciation and thanks today is for the current readers from everywhere on our Earth, and for our new friends from the US, Mexico, Canada, UK, Australia, & New Zealand 😉

so4Hey Gorgeous! Nice! This is how few websites now greets you when you start shopping online with them. I like it!

Since I am gorgeous, and I like to hear it. This reminds me of a school song, which was taught to us when we were kids: “If you’re gorgeous and you know it, clap your hands! If you’re gorgeous and you know it, clap your hands! ……..”.

Its original format is “happy” in place of “gorgeous”. Who knows it would be what else in the future?! Ha ha!

I just know, you’ve been waiting for me, my 1Zumba friend; exactly as I was. How are you doing? “So & so.” Why? No 1Zumba classes today? “No.” Oh! That’s why you are grumpy, I think. May be tomorrow will be a better day when you have your 1Zumba dose 😉

“You can say, it’s partly this, but there is something else as well. I will tell you. Every time, I try to get any channel for news, I have to find the same news in every channel, day or night. It’s quite boooooring!

Not only that, but also the same words: shooting, killing, suspect, Police, cops, abuse, trial, violence. Is this a kind of promotion for more violence among humans? Or people really like to hear about these terrible things all the time? What is exactly the basis for this endless wave? Why don’t they bring us new ideas from Australia or Japan? What is wrong with having us know about new inventions, new construction projects? Why people are treated like shallow fatheads?

c5Who says we are interested in war? Isn’t it enough that women now are 3 times the number of men, coz of men being taken away by wars? We want to hear about new successful models or  new profitable achievements.

We want motivation, love, care, and  harmony. We want to laugh, to dance, and to 1Zumba together. The whole entire world together. There will be a time, and it is coming, in which each one of us will need to stick together side by side for something bigger than Earth. Now we should enjoy peaceful life with our kids around us, with their own kids, before things change.

Now, it is time to enjoy yourself, your family, your neighbors, your friends, & your surroundings. It is time to enjoy everything around you. Contemplate and find your love.”

Oh! My 1Zumba friend, so it is the news that is bothering you? Or is it the monotonous repetition? or the ocean of bad news they bring us all the time? Or the propaganda for things we no longer want to hear about, coz it has been old news for years; our ears got sick of it, and the only escape is anything else that brings fun to our lives like 1Zumba for instance.

Why don’t you try some business or entertainment news? “I did, and I found in business: Target, Wal-Mart, Macy’s, Amazon, Ebey, n other regulars occupy the top of the news for the last 4 decades.

Black or Yellow Friday, haha!  May be the only new one was China’s spies. As for entertainment: Adele’s new album sells X millions, of course, it has been in the commercials, in all TV channels every five minutes, for the whole last week, Daah!” 😀

I think I got it, and I am with you 100%, but also I like to tell you that unless we mention what we want, no channel would know about how we feel.

So it is nice that you mention this now. We can approach many channels, and ask them to consider our 1Zumba friend’s opinion, after-all, ratings are always critical to them. Now it is your turn, no doubt, my 1Zumba to be under the Spotlights 😉

2 thoughts on “1Zumba Spotlights

  1. Hey gorgeous Sophie! Yes, we definitely need more good news, positive, uplifting stories to tune into these days. I try and focus on the good stories, of which Zumba is right up there. Or I switch off the news!

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