Pretend that you are the planner of your day; do your best then celebrate it! 😉 Welcome back dearest friends everywhere: the US, the UK, Canada, India, Brazil, Australia, China, France, and all! 😉

From time to time you see something you can’t help but to admire. This is how you’d probably feel when you look at one of these small libraries that could be hanging up to a tree or built in one of the home fences or even set aside of a public street facing a famous fancy store.

This is the way it is in a number of cities in California, and it could have been in other States too but nobody told us about it yet.SophieSmallLibraries

This is how a civilized community acts. You share your books in a nice peaceful way introducing some of the books that you read and expecting others to borrow one or more of your books and return it back to where it was after reading it.

Do you feel any admiration for the way these people are communicating together? If yes, you’re welcome to start your own library if your are a reader of a writer or others. It’s a good idea for sharing and exchanging thoughts and learning.

Tell us what did you admire lately?

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Until we chat again, there’s always a good chance of new ideas that you never heard of here in your updated topics, so waste no time and top up your inspiration  with our hugs and kisses

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