The “Crisis”!

Let’s talk about today or tomorrow, and leave yesterday alone! 😉

See What Critics Are Saying About 'Our Brand Is Crisis' and 'Burnt' - WSJWhen you first read the name of that movie, you’d think: Why is it a whole sentence “Our Brand is a Crisis”? Couldn’t they make it shorter than that?

While you are watching, your mind was trying to find an answer. “Crisis” was the word that the strategist could come up with in order to turn the outcome of the elections.

Our Brand Is Crisis' Review: Sandra Bullock Trumps Bolivian Politics -  VarietyThroughout the movie, you followed up with the sequence of the story where there were some missing parts or details that had no answer, you wondered why.

Since that movie is based on true story, there must have been few more turns but it kept you in the dark intentionally up to the end.

It is a good movie but there was one unacceptable scene, it could have been cut off without any effect on the movie or its events. Still it is a family movie.

Until we chat again, we’d love to hear from you soon, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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