Woman Vs. Man!

How great to be with all of you, welcome back dearest readers and friends from everywhere in your beautiful Earth: the US, Austria, Israel, Latvia, the UK, India, and Canada! 😉

It’s a huge transformation process and  with some it’s unsuccessful. It’s a fact and you’ve got to be ready to accept it if it was the case with you.

First, you can watch this, but keep in mind, it could be fake.

Here’s the depressing story that Meshel told us yesterday. He was in tears at parts and others were too, but we had the chance to discuss facts of life and how should a person react when he got into a situation where he was going to be responsible of a big decision.Image result for man versus woman

A girl wanted to be a boy and a boy wanted to be a girl. The mother is in a shock of the behavior of her two kids who happened to be twins.

The girl told her mom that when it’s time, she would have an operation that would turn her completely into a man. She started to imitate her dad in everything. The boy was doing the same but with the mother not with the father.

The son started using make-up. He pretended to have his period every month. he resented all attempts to keep him in his gender. It was like fire going inside that home between the four of them.Qatar AirwaysThey would argue every single day for hours. The father wanted his son to keep being a son and so was the mother, and the sister and the brother were encouraging each other since they both had the same issue.

After all that incredible insistence, they both went through surgery, and it was a great challenge for the surgeon whom met with a big welcome for professional victory.

SophieWoman-ManIt was successful but not in the sense that they would be able to be a real woman who could give birth to a child or a father who could get kids of his own.

Both became angry and started moving from one physician to the other to find a way to help them in getting their own kids.

Their anger turned into a mental sickness and they decided to hire a detective to find out if any of the surgeons who operated on them and who repeatedly told both of them that they would be a complete normal female and a male was lying to them.10% off USA E2 Car Rental DealsThe detective found out that all doctors whom they saw were having assumptions but none of them was 100% sure that even a minor operation would be successful. The intention was not cheating the two siblings but it applied to all operations.

The objective of the surgery was described to be just a new victory in their specialty. The opportunity presented itself in both blind-minded siblings.BerrylookOut of anger and frustration, they started developing their killing spree for those surgeons, physicians, and psychologist.

They were able to finish their plan till the end, then they turned themselves in having a press conference stating the reasons behind their deeds.

Whose fault was it?

The father and the mother?

The sister and the brother?

The surgeon and the nurse?

The physicians and the psychologists?

If they were diagnosed for mental illness, why the government didn’t lock them up in a mental health facility?

A lot of questions but it seems to be no-one’s fault, what do you think?sophieChannelUntil we chat again, do you know what’s the best thing to do? It’s just to accept and embrace who you are and how you are with our hugs and kisses

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