1Zumba Tell/Расскажи!

Dearest friends and readers. It’s great to have you every single day. Why? Because we love your company. Trust me, we enjoy having you with us, and we hope that you’d enjoy that as well 😉 Thank you the US, Slovenia, India, Turkey, Germany, Italy, Philippines, Croatia, n Malta 😉

Today we want to talk about something new, and at the same time, we want to tell you some more about our 1Zumba friend, Yelena, who had a greater ambition than her world.

We’ll give Question No. 51 from our competition, and remember to check on our announced prizes.

Sometimes, life bring unfavorable situations to you, and you’ve got to deal with it. Some choose to ignore these issues, while others tend to solve n confront, lest the accumulation of problems would be a habit.

But what if you had something that you don’t know what to do about. The harder part is, when you hire someone to do that job (come up with a solution), sometimes they come up with awkward solutions that would make you rather not to do anything about it.

Piggy, 1Zumba friend, said she hired an attorney to solve her Workers’ Comp with her employer, and that every time the attorney spoke to her, he kept pushing her towards accepting the terms of her employer and resign. But, the reason she hired him was to help her to get her lost wages from that abusing employer. 

When she consulted with another attorney, she told her that her first attorney wrote something not in her favor, in that proposal, and he should be using the opposite expression. What the heck?! 😡

I really do not know what to say Piggy, but keep trying to ask friends or relatives, if someone would recommend a good attorney’s office for you. I know that this is too hard to deal with, but it’s a fight, n you’re the only one who would know your own limits in a fight like this.

Now, talking about Yelena, when she was 5 yrs old, she started having Ballet dancing sessions. She loved dancing, and she was brilliant in absorbing all the instructions that were given to her by her coach. She loved her costumes, and the attention she got out of that activity.

She attended a public school, but she never felt in place. She had that strange feeling of others looking down at her, or that they were not willing to be friends with her. She developed some kind of defense mechanism against rejection. She let go, n never think of those who gave her that feeling.

That was one of her strengths: to let go for things/people whom she feels unnecessary to be in one’s life, She did it naturally, nobody told her to do that. She was so bright, and she acted very maturely for her age. Her teachers admired her the most. She was the star of her school, when it came to her teachers. 

Then here’s our today’s competition question No. 51:

1Z- Q51

Time for a quick break, then back to you one more time. Until then drive safely, be good to each other, and keep checking on our topics. Give me your big hugs & kisses

Abuse in the workplace.
Managers’ Abuse.
Work Emotional Abuse.

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