Family Miscommunication Solutions(3)!

You are energetic but a bit of your dynamics should be saved to the biggest matters! 😉
Always welcome back to your pages great friends from the US, the UK, India, Kenya, Spain, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Cameroon, China, Italy, Germany, south Africa, Lithuania, Canada, Philippines, Australia, South Korea, Portugal, Turkey, Kong Kong, Sweden, Poland, Colombia, Pakistan, Qatar, Moldova, Russia, Argentina, Morocco, Egypt, Indonesia, Cambodia, and all.

You had an argument with your dad about your gf, and for some reason, he didn’t like her. On the other hand, you saw that she was the perfect one for you. FamilySolutions

What is common sense? 

Your common sense is your natural ability to make good judgments and to behave in a practical and sensible way. Use your common sense.

Believe it or not, many people do not understand simple words like this; especially when they are out of their minds.

200-2Going back to “sometimes” again, sometimes things happen dramatically fast when you are angry. By the time you get into your thirtieth or close, you must learn how to control your temper and not act like a kid. Listen, analyze, consider all sides, be honest with yourself, and use your common sense.

There is no problem without a solution. No matter how small or big your problem is, there is a simple adequate solution that will be acceptable by all parties, and even if you leave it alone for some time, it will find out its own solution (for simple matters, it is true).

Undoubtedly, you must have met patient people in your life, whose temper wouldn’t go up to your level of anger. When you ask yourself how did they do that? You already know the answer, they train themselves. They accept, in their own mind, the fact that being angry somehow tend to cause a loss and this is why they choose to stay away from it.

Whatever or however you think, a friendly reminder that every single person is totally different from you, but you need to find a key to deal with everyone around you the right way.

Until we chat again, talk about what bothers you, this will give you a stress-relief, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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