Family Miscommunication Solutions(2)!

You are a hero for everything you’ve been doing but still your vision can be improved! 😉
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Family has the priority in your decisions, but your family needs solutions for minor instances that daily take place. Differences in opinions may vary to the extent you decide. Trying to be moderate not too harsh and not too soft is a good policy.  More

FamilySolutionsYou had an argument with your dad about your gf, and for some reason, he didn’t like her. On the other hand, you saw that she was the perfect one for you. 

The argument escalated and you threatened your dad if he didn’t apologize for all the bad names he gave your gf, you would no longer live with him.

Why did he call her names? She didn’t do anything bad for him; on the contrary, she was trying to be friendly and decent which made you mad. But how far you went challenging your dad for giving his opinion?

Why don’t you think about it calmly, then talk to him after he calms down too? It doesn’t make sense that he opposed your relationship just for the sake of bothering you. There must have been a reason for his disapproval, and the solution is in your hands.

You can talk to him clearing up any wrong ideas he had about your gf. Solutions are simple but sometimes you can’t see them for anger reasons. If you get angry easily, this will cause disagreement which you do not need. Try to control your temper and focus on reasons behind all of that. What comes after that is commonsense.

Until we chat again, talk about what bothers you, this will give you a stress-relief, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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