Only 19 Days!

Welcome back friends from everywhere: the US, India, Canada, the UAE, Australia, Philippines, Italy, Puerto Rico, Norway, the UK, China, Mexico, Japan, Czech Republic, Thailand, Brazil, Germany, Ireland, Malaysia, Cameroon, and all! 😉

Special moments pass very quickly and there is no way to capture them. It’s life! 😉

There is a lot of crazy ideas in your world, or what it seems to be crazy for you but in reality every idea whether you see it as normal or crazy is just happened to be an inspiration that comes to one person who decides to share it with all of you.

When the inspiration is good, the results are fruitful, many will go for it, around it, and/or adopt it. When the idea is bad, it dies but it could come back to life with another individual who has the ability to make it right, present it for your logic in a simple way, and achieve success.

Only19DaysSophieThis could happen in any branch of your life. Songs, for example, can be unsuccessful by one singer while it could become a hit by another. There is no specific rule for how to turn a song from death to hit.

Only God would know how that happened. However, there must be some kind of higher analytical thinking involved. Other factors could be considered too such as more money spent on propaganda, or more money spent on Media so they play the song day and night on all channels, or others that are not of concern to this post. 🙄 By now you got it, right?

How many days are remaining in this special year: 2020? It’s 19 days according to CA time zone. Wow! Can you believe it? A whole year has almost passed or completed while you didn’t feel that it was a whole year. The older you are the more you’d feel that the time is flying. Every year you say the same to yourself. A whole year has become like a thin air slipping away from among your fingers and you can do nothing except wondering where it flew.

Did you have any objective this year that you fulfilled? If yes, share it with all of us pls if you can. It would open inspirational mood to everybody else everywhere.

What’s your new calendar look like? Is it already full of appointments or is it still empty?

Many of you spend more time now with Netflix it’s really hard to imagine how people spend all these hours of their precious lives watching shadows of some virtual device. What a waste! But what else can they do? It’s already boring enough sticking your feet at home 24/7 with the new shelter-in-place order.

Until we chat again, it is time to get ready for your New Year. Try to buzz around your topics and see which one of them give you the utmost inspiration, with our hugs and kisses

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