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….nd our talk will continue again in a little bit; just hang up there, and we will be back with more delightful ideas….. … More Temp 1Zumba

.Com or 1Zumba.com?

Thank you our new readers from the US, Canada, Philippines, France, India, Spain, Brazil, Iraq, n Germany 😉  Thank you our current visitors from everywhere 😉 Today, it will be a fast talk, and the reason is that Wednesdays are always the busiest days of the week for me, and may be for you as well my … More .Com or 1Zumba.com?


…….. that those who are “lucky” are just more self-aware than those who are not. They have access to information that the …. … More Luck

1Zumba Crown Win

Nothing is ever like a good health. Neither Money nor power or fame can replace it. It’s amazingly surprising  to see many people, who are in pain, and they have no clue that it is in their own hands, to get better, and to develop an ability towards good health. It is a simple equation, but not everyone … More 1Zumba Crown Win

1Zumba Halloween

Every year I promise myself  going to the best Halloween Party, and I have been invited to a few. No matter how hard I work on choosing the funniest one, I end up repeating the same promise to myself, one more time. Probably, I should  think more about what kind of fun I am expecting, in a way that … More 1Zumba Halloween